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s+v+m Blog - Resource for sounds-visual-movement

s+v+m Blog - Resource for sounds-visual-movement
Rodrigo Carvalho

Excellent resource in this blog by Rodrigo Carvalho of VISIOPHONE. In particular Carvalho uses the blog to keep a notebook on sounds-visual-movement topics (like a sister of this blog!) Really great articles on live performance work.

To quote:

"This blog intends to work as notebook for my research on synergies between Sound-Visuals-Movement, audiovisual interactive systems, augmented realities, graphic representations of sound and movement in real time, hypersensory immersive media and synaesthesia states."

His recent post on graphic sound visualisers is just brilliant (courtesy of a facebook post one of the leaders in the field of live audio-visual performance, Max Hattler)

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