Chris O' Shea - London

Chris O'Shea is an interactive media artist and researcher.
"His focus is on creating works that encourage new methods of play and collaboration, challenging our perception of space and physical objects.
His specialization is in synaesthesia, a fusion of sonic and visuals, through models of interaction that borrow from toy design, video game culture and urban play. Chris uses an open source process and hacked appropriated technology in the development of his work."

See more information on his work and projects at:

An example of one of his projects: Chris O'Shea - Plink Plonk (Onedotzero / V&A) - "Mechanical music boxes as input to collaborative visuals."

Pixelsumo - Research by Chris O' Shea
Chris also keeps a resource website which is an excellent resource on the area of visual music - sound image interaction.