COMPOSER - Jim Aitchison - Visible Music

Visible Music
Composing visions of sound by UK composer Jim Aitchison.

"Jim Aitchison is a composer whose music derives from a range of sources, often from the world of the visual, re-imagining contemporary and past artworks as notations of sound. He makes music for chamber ensembles, orchestra and solo performers out of encounters with visual art and living artists, curators and galleries. The work is proposed both as a response to these encounters and as part of a wider engagement with fundamental musical and artistic issues."

His responses to art/paintings in a musical context are quite extraordinary. The scores resemble the visual - as in the screenshot when you come to his website initially, here a painting entitled Elegy for Terry Frost by John Hyland is scored in the most incredible manner. It is worth taking ones time to go through his website (my comment).

"Jim Aitchison is a composer and a Henry Moore Fellow at the Royal Academy of Music and Birkbeck College, University of London. He is recognised for a particular vision linking visual art with compositional practice. He composes what curator Paul Moorhouse describes as 'conversations between art-forms,' working directly with leading figures from the worlds of art and music."

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