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"iota is a public benefit, non-profit arts organization founded in 1994 on the premise that this wide range of techniques and titles share common aesthetic goals which unite them into a single art of light and movement today generally known as "Visual Music."
"iota is dedicated to preserving, promoting and uniting the dynamic world of visual music through our various programs: research, publication, preservation, exhibition and distribution. Our programs together celebrate this art form from its earliest appearance through its current expression with the latest technologies."
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Videos on the iotacenter channel at present (April 2009) are works from the filmartist Stephanie Maxwell.

"Stephanie Maxwell has been creating stunningly beautiful and original experimental animation for over twenty years. As a film artist who specializes in hand painting and engraving directly onto the surface of 35mm film stock, Maxwell employs a wide variety of materials and tools, including paints, markers, bleach, stencils, engraving tools, airbrush and many more experimental techniques."

Stephanie Maxwell, Animated Works (1984-2007) can be purchased from Iotacenter at: