Composer - Ronan Guilfoyle - Rhythm Book/Essays

Being Irish of course, I am aware and familiar with contemporary music composition in Ireland.  I hope to make more posts about music composition or things musical that could be helpful for visual music or audio visual work. Ronan Guilfoyle is one of the prominent contemporary composers working in Ireland today, he is also a Acoustic Bass Guitarist and Educator. It has always been of interest to me that Visual Music has at its core a strong consideration for music composition or a musical thinking to composition. What is it that is being explored with visuals that is so musical - one of the more important elements is rhythm - how time is handled. Ronan has written some essays on the subject of rhythm in relation of course to music composition and jazz in particular. They are available to check out on his website.(Author comment)

The essays on rhythm - some of the titles listed on his website - such as
 'creative rhythmic concepts for jazz improvisation;
the rhythm book – 10 years later……….;
"where's the 1!?";
the art and science of time ii;
contemporary music?;
what is jazz?;
the art and science of time;
philosophy of jazz?;
control freaks?;
composition and improvisation
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