EraSer + vj Ape5 - audiovisual and experimantal project

EraSer + vj Ape5 are an audiovisual and experimental project from Italy.

More on ape 5
Ape5 is active since 2001 both as a VJ and video-artist, basing his performances on the research and experimentation of real-time video, interested in the interaction between arts and video and in the experimentation of glitch aesthetisc of the sound.
In 2005, he established on the the first net labels that focus on real-time audio-video interaction. Lately he is into building audio-video controller that use open-source hardware

More on EraSer
Matteo de Ruggieri using the pseudonym of EraSer has given birth to his own electronic experimental project through the art of circuit bending, exclusively playing with toys and musical instruments transformed by him, creating glitch and lo-fi electronic sounds on an intense melodic basis. An artist and circuit bender, he has set up the first italian website based on this art, has modified toys for international musicians.

Latest Creative Project

Future sounds like past toys

It is based on the concept that contemporary music and the music of the future "sounds like" past toys.

Experimental audiovisual net label

Vimeo Video - 3 Cubespirals

3 cubespirals from ape5 on Vimeo.