punto y raya festival - 76 films

The punto y raya festival to be held in Barcelona on November 26th to 29th, 2009 (see website) in its call for works has collected an amazing selection of audio visual works. The website provides excellent documentation of the works being shown and is a brillant starting point for checking out contemporary audio visual work - both fixed media, installation and performance.

See festival videos page at:

The 2009 official competition program for the festival showcases contemporary work - there are 76 films from all over the world, there is a link to more information about each film and a screengrab from the film - this is an excellent festival

"This festival explores the ultimate synthesis of the form·movement duality in different spheres of human endeavour. Due to the simplicity of its criteria, it uses abstraction's prime matter to reveal the limitations and achievements of our representation systems.
The dot·line is the ultimate grain of our universe and of the sense we make of it; it's the primordial identification of all that exists; the essence of that which is matterless but builds up matter, of what is imperceptible but allows us to recognise all perceptible things.
But in the symbolic dimension the dot·line ceases to be an end in itself to become a representation of human thought."