Colour Music Recollections - Sonic Acts, 2012

As part of the Sonic Acts XIV Travelling Time Festival,  a programme on Colour Music is being shown on 24th February, 2012

Colour Music Recollections
De Balie
Friday 24 February
17:00 - 18:30

"A programme with films that relate in different ways to historical performance practices of colour music. It includes the gorgeous documentation of a performance by Charles Dockum on his ‘Mobilcolor’ instrument, the first recreation of Oskar Fischinger‘s multi-projector shows and a rare screening of documentation of the 1968 recreation by Kurt Schwerdtfeger of the very first light experiments at the Bauhaus.
This programme will mark the launch of the posthumous publication of the book The Academy of the Senses, Synesthetics in Science, Art and Education by Frans Evers, one of the founders of both the Sonic Acts festival and the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague. The programme will be introduced by Joost Rekveld.
This programme has been made possible with the kind support of Center for Visual Music."



Kurt Schwerdtfeger
Reflektorische Farblichtspiele(1922/1968, 18’, 16mm colour)
Oskar Fischinger
R-1, ein Formspiel(1926-1933/1993, 1993 recreation by Bill Moritz, 7′, 35 mm cinemascope, B&W and colour) (print from Center for Visual Music)
Jud Yalkut
Turn, Turn, Turn(1966, 10′, 16 mm colour)
Charles Dockum
1969 Mobilcolor Projector film(1969, 15’, 16 mm colour, silent)
Hy Hirsh
Come Closer(1953, 7’, 16 mm, colour)