A Concrete Cinema?

A Concrete Cinema? one of several articles and presentations by Christian Gosvig Olesen on the Curating the Moving Image Blog. Christian has researched this area with great thoroughness and his articles are an excellent resource for those tracking the history of visual music and audiovisual work where there one of its main focuses is on music. In contemporary audiovisual practice, visuals are presented with electroacoustic music and in particular there are many contemporary flavours of music concrete music being used alongside a visual equivalent - a moving image concrete. Concrete cinema is a most apt term here as used by Christian in his articles. He traces the connections with Pierre Schaeffer, whom used the term cinéma concret to describe the intention to work with cinema and music where the cinema is 'A visual counterpoint to what he, together with fellow composer Pierre Henry, had conceived as musique concrète in the late 1940′s." [Source: http://2011.curatingthemovingimage.org/blog/2011/03/16/3075/ ]

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