Lumigraph Performance by Barbara Fischinger

Important Exhibition on the Works of Oskar Fischinger co-organized by the Center for Visual Music

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16th December, 2012, 14.00pm

Two Events

Performance by Barbara Fischinger, on Oskar Fischinger's Lumigraph
Oskar Fischinger Retrospective - Program Two: Rare Works - Screening of Rare Works by Oskar Fischinger (60 min)

EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam

A very special event, a rarely performed: Lumigraph performance by Barbara Fischinger, assisted by Cindy Keefer at the EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam, before a screening of Oskar Fischinger's rarely seen works, Retrospective - Program Two: Rare Works (compilation )

More information about the Lumigraph Performance

More information on Oskar Fischinger Retro - Program Two: Rare Works
(compilation )

Oskar Fischinger Retrospective - Program Two: Rare Works:

"Wax Experiments, 1921-1926, b/w, silent, 6 min. A selection of experiments made with Fischinger’s wax slicing machine. Several versions exist; some of the experiments were tinted, though most of those do not survive.

[Early Experiments and Tests] and [Berlin Home Movies], c. 1922-1932, b/w, silent, 5 min. A compilation reel of various animation experiments, plus footage of Oskar, Elfriede and Hans Fischinger in his Berlin studio c. 1930.

[Pierrette I ], from Münchener Bilderbogen Series 1924-26, b/w, silent. Reconstructed by Moritz from original material.

Study No. 1, (c. 1929, b/w, 2 min), silent, originally accompanied by live organists, music unknown

Studie nr. 3, 1930, b/w, silent. 4 min

Study No. 9, 1931, b/w, sound, 3 min. Music: Brahms, “Hungarian Dance No. 6.” With animation by his brother Hans, under Oskar’s direction.

Ornamente Ton (Ornament Sound), c. 1932, b/w, sound, 2 min. A selection of Fischinger’s experiments using synthetic or “drawn” sound patterns photographed onto the optical track. Title added later; assembly by Moritz.

[Liebesspiel] (Love Games), c. 1934, b/w, silent, 2 min (may have originally been synchronized to music, unknown)

Swiss Trip (Rivers and Landscapes), 1934, b/w, sound, 11 min. Music: Bach: “Brandenburg Concerto no. 3.” Shot during a Swiss vacation; prefigures his masterpiece Motion Painting no. 1 which uses the same soundtrack.

[Euthymol Ad: Pink Guards on Parade], 1935, color, sound, unfinished (Moritz recreation, 2000, 3 min). Originally 35mm, screened digitally.

Oklahoma Gas ad film, c. 1952, b/w, sound, 1 min. Screened digitally.

[Motion Painting 2 and 3 fragments], c. 1957-60, color, silent, 1 min. Originally 16mm. Late experiments made by filming his painting.

Muntz TV ad, 1952, b/w, sound, 1 min.

Lumigraph I, 1969, 16mm (by Elfriede Fischinger). Color, silent. Documentation of a Lumigraph performance by Elfriede; originally performed to various music.

Introduction by Cindy Keefer (Center for Visual Music)

Programs provided by and curated by Center for Visual Music. All prints are 35mm. Program notes by CVM unless noted.
Prints were preserved by Center for Visual Music, Academy Film Archive, EYE Film Institute and Fischinger Trust, with the support of Film Foundation, Sony, The National Film Preservation Foundation and private donors.

For more about Fischinger:
Oskar Fischinger: Ten Films DVD can be purchased at Center for Visual Music.