Oskar Fischinger's Raumlichtkunst

Source: Oskar Fischinger's Raumlichtkunst, CVM page
Oskar Fischinger's Raumlichtkunst, a new recreation by the Center for Visual Music of Oskar Fischinger's 1920s multiple-projector performance is installed in a number of museums.
It is installed in Tate Modern, London on the 5th Floor, Collection Displays until 17th May 2013 - so if you get a chance do go and see.
Tate Modern, London, through May 17, 2013, 5th Floor, Collection Displays
I have seen this installation in Tate Modern and was lucky to be at its opening.  The interplay of Fischinger's visuals across the three screens is a real visual music feast.  The quality of the images were really beautiful as well as the presentation and very large scale installation.  The installation has its own  dedicated dark room space.  Quite wonderful to see the work of such a pivotal, historical pioneer of visual music in Tate Modern

It was also installed in The Whitney Museum, New York from June 28- October 28.

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