Dedalo - An instrument to 'see the sound'

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Dedalo - An instrument by Quayola & Natan Sinigaglia to 'see' the sound

"Developed as a collaboration between Quayola & Sinigaglia, Dedalo is a collection of custom developed vvvv engines (and a toolkit) to generate, exchange and map data between a series of graphics modules and a rendering engine used for live performance and audiovisual concerts...
The project began as a collaboration in 2010 with the development of software called Partitura. The aim was to create an instrument for performance that would allow visualisation of sound in realtime...
Dedalo is built using vvvv together with custom specific addons and plugins. All of the graphics are generated in the GPU via DirectX11 and the system works across two separate machines over a network (the manager and therenderer) with additional iPads for interface/macros control. The manager is the brain machine where the status of every parameter is stored in a big buffer. Using PC or iPad interface one can modify the status of most parameters. In the manager, data from the Ambeton live plugins are also interpreted and assigned to automated parameters."