Punto Y Raya Abstract Visual Music and Live Cinema Festival - Call for Works

Press Release from the Punto Y Riya Festival and CALL FOR WORKS

As you probably know, Punto y Raya & Reykjavík Center for Visual Music have joined to produce the greatest event in the history of abstract visual music and live cinema: the Reykjavík Visual Music - Punto y Raya Festival 2014, which will take place from January 30th to February 2nd 2014 at HARPA Concert Hall (Iceland). 

The deadline for the CALLS FOR ENTRIES is October 28th 2013, and it's approaching fast! There is no entry fee and the films & live set demos are submitted online through our website. 

Open to abstract films experimenting with dots & lines and avoiding representation. All techniquesare welcome; the soundtrack cannot feature articulated words and the maximum running time is 8 minutes.

Open to live sets between 30 and 35 minutes long. The visuals must explore only abstract imagery, and the sound compositions cannot feature articulated words. Submit your demo!