The Diasynchronoscope project: Experiments in Choreographed Time

A very interesting project consisting of experiments, exhibitions and research in a new medium in audio-visual screenless animation: The Diasynchronoscope proejct is really a very exciting find, and really worth checking out.

The artists and researchers from TROPE (Joint artistic partnership of Carol and Bruno, co-creators of the Diasynchronoscope) are the creators of this new medium. What the medium consists of is a series of physical objects are positioned in space according to Gestalt and animation principles and then animated with synchronized sound using projection mapping technologies. The artists and researchers consider that this might be called ‘concrete animation’.

Because the Diasynchronoscope is a screen-less medium‚ videos do notreplicate the experience. If you are interested in experiencing the Diasynchronoscope‚ please contact then and they will either invite you to their studio in New Cross (South London) or to their next show.

Quoting from their website
"The Diasynchronoscope project is a joint artistic adventure in a new medium of choreographed time. The name Diasynchronoscope comes from combining diachronic‚ (the study of a phenomenon as it changes through time) with synchronous and scope (view). In being so named‚ it evokes the early animation simulators such as the phenakistoscope and the zoetrope which we regard as direct ancestors of the project acting both as art objects and experimental media.

The Diasynchronoscope is a prototypical‚ experimental medium that draws on tropes from animation‚ film and Gestalt grouping principles‚ but it also possesses its own syntax and grammar: Each developing artwork reveals more formalisms and boundaries inherent to the medium."

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Their next exhibitions are a commission for the Frequency festival in Lincoln (Midlands) in October, and we're exhibiting at the Tenderpixel gallery (Leicester square) in December for a month.

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The Diasynchronoscope - video presentation from Diasynchronoscope on Vimeo.