Circle of Light - Moscow International Light and Multimedia Festival

The 4th Moscow international light and multimedia festival «Circle of Light» will be held from 11th to 14th October, 2014 in Moscow, Russia.

The festival will include a selection of works from the international call for works for the International Projection Mapping Art Vision Contest. The theme of the competition is "Light around the world".

The Contest of 2014 will be held in three different locations that will be divided according to the general idea of projections shown:

VDNH Pavilion 1 Art Vision Classic

VDNH Pavilion 12 Art Vision Modern

VDNH Pavilion 32 + Full scale model of Rocket Art Vision VJing Battle

During the contest, mapping video design groups from all over the world will be able to fully demonstrate their vision of 3D mapping video projections.

The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy” or VDNH ( will host the Art Vision 2014.

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