Capital Irish Film Festival: Music and Multimedia Concert

Capital Irish Film Festival: Music and Multimedia Concert - Washington DC

A  music and multimedia concert curated by composer Sarah O'Halloran as part of the Capital Irish Film Festival (CIFF) showcases a selection of fixed-media works featuring original music and original moving images by mainly Ireland based composers and moving image artists.

"Enjoy opera with animation, Irish dance with sound art, and abstract video art with ambient electronics then vote for your favorite piece. The makers of the Audience Choice work will win a $1500 prize."

Date: Saturday, February 7, 2015 from 5.00 to 6.30pm at the Goethe Institut, Wachington DC, US.

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Capital Irish Film Festival

Music and Multimedia Programme:

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For Each and Every One - by Joseph Harney (composer), Neil O'Driscoll (filmmaker)

RoughTime - by Trish McAdam (Director/Producer), Trevor Knight (Composer), Gyohei Zaitsu (Butoh Dancer) with Marc Sherwin (After Affects), PJ Dillion (Cinematography), Paul Tsan (Grip)

Urban Pulse - by Ashlene McFadden (concept, director, editor), Cormac McAteer (camera man, editor, animation), James Greenan, Andrew Vickers, Joseph Comerford (Irish step dancers)

Evolution of Close Double Stars - by Irene Buckley (Composer), Mike Hannon (Video)

Contour - by Mary Wycherley (director and editor), Jürgen Simpson (composer), Laura Murphy (performer), Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín

To Do List - by Brian Irvine (Composer), John McIlduff (Writer/Director)

Fly Away Marlene - by Fergal Moloney (composer, visuals)

Silk Chroma (excerpt) - by Maura McDonnell (Visual Music Composition), Linda Buckley (Music Composition) with Dermot Furlong (Producer), Gavin Kearny (Technical Sound)

on and on and - by Fintan Ryan (director, animator, composer)

Wind On Waves - by Shaun O’Connor (director, editor, effects), Katrina Emtage (Composer, performer), Ilse De Ziah (performer)

Falling - by Enda Bates (composer, performer, visual artist)

Peter Lily and the Nose - by Brian Irvine (Composer), John McIlduff (Writer), Matthew Robins (Animator)

Eli, Eli - by Natasa Paulberg (composer), Eileen Carpio (visual artist)

The Incantation of Amergin - by Lorcán Mac Mathúna (composer, voice), Daire Bracken (composer, fiddle)

winter tells lies - by Jonathan Nangle (composer), Agnieszka Kamińska (video)