Sound/ Image Colloquium 2015

Sound/ Image Colloquium 2015
7th - 8th November, 2015
11 Stockwell Street 
University of Greenwich 
SE10 8EY Greenwich

United Kingdom
Exploring sonic and audio-visual practice.
The Sound / Image colloquium is interested in exploring the relationships between sounds and images, and the images which sounds can construct by themselves.Through a series of complementary strands – talks, screenings, loudspeaker orchestra concerts – we will bring together artists and academics to investigate sound and sound-image phenomena.Michel Chion is special guest. Additional keynote talks from Jo Hyde and Mairead McClean.The event itself will take place on the weekend of the 7th / 8th November 2015, at the Stockwell Street Building in Greenwich.
Organiser: Andrew Hill

Talks 1 – Saturday Morning
The image as trigger of imagined sounds - Victoria Karlsson, University of the Arts.
The Orphic Turn - Daniel H. Foster, University of East Anglia.Snap-stick, (Slapstick), Crack and Rustle: locating the sonic-signifier - Kevin Logan, CRiSAP, UAL.Audiovisual Coherence and Physical Presence: I am there, therefore I am. - Louise Harris, University of Glasgow.

Talks 2 – Saturday Afternoon
KEYNOTE – L’audio-logo-visuel; la re-division sensorielle - Michel Chion,
Mapping the materiality of off-screen sound - Lucy Fife Donaldson, University of St Andrews.Lis Rhodes: Light Music - Dr. Aimee Mollaghan, Edgehill University.

Talks 3 – Sunday Morning
Ventriloquial Acts: Critical Reflections on the Art of Foley - Matt Lewis, Call & Response.
Acousmatic Foley -Sara Pinheiro
Determining the appropriateness of sound/image relationships in parallel sets of music videos for Bon Iver’s deluxe edition. - Alex Jeffery, City University, London
Cinema = Music and the other way round in Jim Jarmusch’s films - Céline Murillo, Université Paris 13/Sorbonne Paris Cité.

Talks 4 – Sunday Afternoon
KEYNOTE – The Audiovisual Contract: Towards a Phenomenological Approach to Sound/Image Relationships  - Jo Hyde, Bath Spa University.
The Sound of Visual Art.- Sandra Kazlauskaite, Goldsmiths, University of London.