Punto y Raya 2016 - October 20-23, 2016

Punto Y Raya Festival 2016

WHEN: OCTOBER 20th-23rd 2016 @ ZKM in KARLSRUHE, Germany.
FREE ADMISSION until full capacity is reached.

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The sixth edition of Punto y Raya Festival encompasses four intensive and wonderful days of pure Abstract Art in Motion, featuring:
Official Competition (117 films from 33 countries)
German Panorama curated by Robert Seidel, Dirk de Bruyn retrospective & Hong Kong Visual Music
PyRformances by Dirk de Bruyn (AU), YRO (France) and Robert Lippok (DE)
Installation by Larry Cuba (USA)
Academy programme with masterclasses and retrospectives by Jodie Mack (USA), Max Hattler (DE·Hong Kong), Dirk de Bruyn (AU) & Holger Lang (Austria).
Teaser created by KinoManual (Maciej Bączyk & Aga Jarząb) in Wrocław, Poland

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Press Release:

The sixth edition of Punto y Raya Festival, dubbed “the most abstract in the world” in its nine-year trajectory, arrives at the place where Absolute Cinema and Abstract Animation originated back in the early 1920s: Germany.

Hosted and coproduced by one of the most relevant institutions in the fields of avant-garde art & new technologies, ZKM (Centre for Culture and Media Technology) in Karlsruhe, the event will run from October 20th through 23rd 2016 with free admission, offering its traditional meeting point for artists and fans of the most refined experimental audiovisual art, and promising four intensive and wonderful days of pure Abstract Art in Motion.

The International Short Film Competition (with a record number of 842 entries from 54 countries) features the selected 117 films, exploring the most diverse techniques and styles.

The live PyRformances section features Yro (FR) with his intimate Eile; Robert Lippok (DE), with the most radical minimalism of his 50 cent. 50 cent., and filmmaker Dirk De Bruyn (AU) with his overwhelming session of immersive Expanded Cinema.

Guest Screenings include a German Panorama curated and introduced by Robert Seidel; Dirk de Bruyn’s Retrospective (1979-2016), and the world premiere of Visual Music produced at the City University of Hong Kong and introduced by Max Hattler.

Larry Cuba (USA) returns to PyR presenting his Two Space Installation.

And for all those interested in the creative process, Academy will host masterclasses y monographic screenings by guest artists Jodie Mack, Max Hattler, Dirk de Bruyn & Holger Lang.

, and as usual, the Academy programme will offer master classes and monographic screenings for all those interested in the creative process.

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Selected Films

See: http://www.puntoyrayafestival.com/en/films/16