Shoko Ise (Visuals) and Steve Jansen (Music)

Shoko Ise (Visuals) and Steve Jansen (Music) -"Swimming In Qualia - Ascent"

Swimming In Qualia - Ascent

The visuals and music in this music video installation work, "Swimming in Qualia - Ascent" are well matched. The visuals are by Shoko Ise and the music is by Steve Jansen. What strikes me as rather beautiful about this work is the misty, faded, soft look of the visuals in which shadows and suggestions of light coming in from afar are presented and the durations of the transitions and the movement suggest a gentle place. The long tones and gong like sounds suggest an atmosphere of gentle softness also.  There are some beautiful vertical cutting and crossfades of flowers, lilies and leaf foliage that create the most mesmerising effect. A visual technique that I have seen in many works, reminding me of the temporal cut up photographic collages of David Hockney but in the moving image temporal domain,

Swimming In Qualia - Ascent

Words: Maura McDonnell

The youtube extract on SamadhiSound's youtube channel is taken from a video installation that is of a longer length.

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Music by Steve Jansen, visuals by Shoko Ise. Extract from a video installation (original length - 24:11) presented at Contemporary Art and Photography in Japan - 'STILL/ALIVE', Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, December 22.2007 - February 20.2008.

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