Blog “Sacred Lumia” by Louis M.Brill

Sacred Lumia Gallery by Louie M. Brill

Louis M.Brill is a lumia artist who works from his Lumia art studio in San Francisco, US. He also writes a blog named, Sacred Lumia, here he explores "the processes of Lumia and how it fits into the world of art, cinema and culture as a visual medium of appreciation”.
This is a really great resource for artists and scholars interested in the practice and context of lumia art. Louis embraces “the light as the paintbrush and canvas to present Lumia art as a very evocative and nattarive visual presence.” An important part of his practice is that lumia can be controlled through directed artistic intensions and I think this is a very commendable point. WIth the advent of technologies that can do the art for you, there is still the important consideration of artistic intention and from this stand point creating a work that works with light. Louis is open to comments and discussion on his blog, so please do drop by and join in the conversation.


Essay by Louis M. Brill

Lumia and The Art of Visualizing Music

Visit his Sacred Lumia blog for some great sharings on the art form and practice of lumia.

To visit a website showcasing his work, you can visit this link