Luca De Rosso - AV0

A most interesting and exciting project conceived by Luca De Rosso. AVO is a audiovisual performance work that explores live human-computer collaboration. It is a project that is at its early stages but it has already been documented immacutely by De Rosso. He is also very generously providing his software as open source for anyone who would like to also try it for their own audiovisual work. De Rosso is open to bookings for the performance of this work, which you can make an enquiry about online via a form on his website.

Documentation of AVO - Luca De Rosso

AV0 is an exploration on human-computer collaboration in the audio visual field, dedicated to those believing in computers as partners in the creative flow.

"In the computer-aided creative process, whether it’s wireframing a design, programming or producing music – our actions often generates unpredicted results. I began to appreciate and consume these instances not as undesired output but as computer input in my creative flow. This led to a growing desire to replicate this behavior in a live performance, where I could assign the computer a task or part of the piece to direct and consequently influence me, the human performing with it.

This approach sets AV0 apart from today’s audio visual sets, where the performer is usually in control of both audio and video, with the latter often reactive to the first or in support of it. In AV0 the computer is responsible for visuals and decides what to display, its behavior and the duration of each piece, leaving to the performer to decide how to respond.

The piece focuses on the interaction between the two, asking the performer and the viewer basic questions. What will the computer choose to do? How will the performer respond? How are the two playing? Is it chaotic? Is it organized? How does it feel? More organic or artificial?”

Words: Luca De Rosso

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