Boogie Stomp Pink - Stuart Pond

Boogie Stomp Pink

I saw this gem of a work at the Sound / Image 2019 Symposium at University of Greenwich, London in November 2019 and loved it.  It was presented in the installation and in a screening.  It is the work of Independent artist Stuart Pound who lives in London and has worked in film, digital video, sound and the visual arts since the early 1970’s. Stuart's film work is quite incredible and can be seen on his vimeo channel.  He collaborates with the poet Rosemary Norman.

"This boogie dance performed by William & Maeva was downloaded from the internet. Vertical sections taken from each frame are arranged into 24 panels to show pattern and movement across every second of it.
First shown at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in Sept 2017."

Boogie Stomp Pink from Stuart Pound on Vimeo.

View more of Stuart Pounds work on vimeo at:

Sound/ Image 2019 Symposium, University of Greenwich