ARTIST: Alba G. Corral

I have been following Alba G. Corral's visual work for many years and her powerful and stunning visual work for live audio-visual performances. Each visual I come across or video documentation I watch, I am in such admiration of her talent. Corral works with musicians, music producers and live electronics musician and is involved in many audiovisual projects ranging from installation to audiovisual performance in a range of settings from fulldome, to large-scale screen audiovisual performances. Her output is prolific and her visual style is polished, sophisticated, intricate and beautifully formed.

ALBA G. CORRAL [ES] & MAKARUK [PL] - DIMENSION N - audiovisual performance.  

Short Biography

"Alba G. Corral (b. 1977 – Madrid) based in Barcelona is a Visual Artist and creative coder. With a background in computer engineering, Corral has been creating generative art using software and coding for the past decade. Her practice spans across live performance, video, digital media and installation, exploring abstract narratives and expressing sensitivity and taste for colour. By combining generative systems with improvised drawing techniques, her digital language becomes organic, creating mesmerising digital landscapes. Corral is known for her stunning live audio-visual performances where she integrates real-time coding and drawing in collaboration with musicians." [Source:]

Video documentation online

Like many artists Corral has extensive documentation online about her work.  One of her pages on her own website consists of a really useful video player.

Immersive performances

Corral's varied approach to the presentation of her visuals is how she works with various screen formats for audiovisual performance.  For example, in 2019, the project ex(O) is a singular audiovisual performance merging the aesthetics and technical researches of musician Alex Augier and visual artist Alba G. Corral.  The premiere of this work was in L.E.V. (Gijón SPAIN) 2019.

"Sound, image, space and time fuse perfectly into a formally unique synesthetic entity: poetic hypermedia, oniric and organic, deployed in the space under the control of the two performers." [Source: link ]

More details about ex(0) project:

Video Document of ex(o) performance excerpt

Audiovisual Performance 2019
Musician Alex Augier
Visual artist Alba G. Corral
Coproduction : Arcadi, L.E.V Festival
Executive production : La Muse en Circuit
Documentary Film by Mind The Film

ex(O) / Official Teaser from alexaugier on Vimeo.