SeenSound Visual Music

The SeenSound: Visual/Music series provides a space for the presentation of short visual/music works. 

"SeenSound is a regular monthly event in Melbourne, Australia, showcasing a wide range of local and international audio-visual works from around the world, with a specific focus on live improvisation. Running formally since 2012, SeenSound emerged from the work of local a/v artists Brigid Burke, Mark Pedersen and Roger Alsop, and has expanded to include a host of regular contributors and guests."
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The Visual/Music series commenced in 2011, curated by Melbourne-based audio-visual artist Brigid Burke, and is supported by Loop bar.  

In recent times, it has been curating and presenting monthly editions and screenings online, archived on their website as 'Seensound Livestream' and which can be attended live for a small fee.  As a result of these livestreams new audiences from around the world can attend the editions.

October Seensound Livestream - Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practice

SeenSound Livestream October 2020 - Image from Work by Brigid Burke

The October Seensound Livestream edition was devoted to celebrating the recent publication: Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practice (edited by Andrew Knight-Hill) and featured the visual music, video music and audiovisual works of some of the authors in this book who contributed chapters, whom are also practicing artists in the field. It was livestreamed using LOOP's Twitch LiveStream and LOOP Facebook.

Date of the Livestream: Saturday 3 October 2020 at 6:00pm.  Brigid Burke curator of SeenSound is one of the authors who contributed to the book and she invited her fellow authors to feature a work for this screening. Authors then that contributed included: 

Claudia Robles-Angel

Diego Garro

Joseph Hyde,


Louise Harris

Matthew Galea,

Maura McDonnell

Myriam Boucher

Jung In Jung,

Nunique Quartett (Megan Kenny Steve Falk, Charles MacInnes, Brigid Burke)

Brigid Burke

Roger Alsop

Mark Pedersen.

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