ARTIST FOCUS: Alberto Novello - JesterN

Alberto Novello is a new media artist and visual music composer who uses laser, modified CRT monitors and oscilloscopes to create audiovisual compositions in which the sound and video signals are the same.  He works on collaborations.

Alberto Novello - Frame from Feedback Plane#2

Alberto Novello's art practice approach

"Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN’s practice uses found or decontextualized analogue devices to investigate the connections between light and sound in the form of contemplative installations and performances. He repurposes and modifies tools from our analogue past: oscilloscopes, early game consoles, analogue video mixers, and lasers. He is attracted to their intrinsic limitations and strong ‘personalities’: fluid beam movement, vivid colors, infinite resolution, absence of frame rate, and line aesthetics. By using these forgotten devices, he exposes the public to the aesthetic differences between the ubiquitous digital projections and the natural vibrance of analogue beams, engaging them to reflect on the sociopolitical impact of technology in a retrospective on technologisation: what ‘old’ means, and what value the ‘new’ really adds."



He is currently teacher of Multimedia and Music Informatics at Conservatory of Padua. 
He is coordinator of the SaMPL, Performance Art Center in Padua. 

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Alberto Novello is available for bookings

View: Feedback Plane#

Video Feedback added on a Rutt Etra style plane.
Made on an analog Tektronix 620 Monitor using sound to deflect its beam.