Call for Paper Submissions - The Art of Sound and Light - St Petersberg

Second International Scientific and Practical Conference "The Art of Sound and Light" - Deadline September 10th 2021

Call for Paper Submissions - Second International Scientific and Practical Conference "The Art of Sound and Light" (to be held St. Petersburg, October 18–20, 2021 and with online Zoom facility to attend and present).  Details below.

The deadline for applications for the International Scientific Conference "The Art of Sound and Light" has been extended until September 10th 2021 - Submit Abstracts for papers for this conference.  Applications for participation in the conference are accepted until September 10, 2021 to:
email addresses: or 


Second International

Instrumentation sector of the Russian Institute of Art History, Audiovisual and Technological Arts ′′ Prometheus ′′ named after B. M. Galeev and Sergei Zorin Optical Theater invite you to participate in the Second International Scientific Conference ′′ The Art of Sound and Light ". The conference will unite specialists from various fields of scientific knowledge - philosophers, film scientists, art scientists, musicians, instrumentalists, ethnomusicologists, and specialists in the implementation of light synths in modern art practice - light artists, light-musicians, composers, sound directors. The conference program includes reports, messages, master classes, audiovisual compositions demonstrations, and presentations of editions on the art of sound and light, music and synesthesia, musical synesthetics.

Suggested Themes

The theme of the conference includes the following directions, but not limited to them:

• Interaction of sound and light phenomena in musical art;
• Symbolism of sound and light in fine art and music;
• Colored hearing and light synesthesia;
• Psychophysiological prerequisites for the formation of light images in music;
• Light and color in ethnomusicology;
• Light and color in musical terms and concepts;
• Polychrome notation;
• Modern light sound instruments;
• Musical light painting;
• Sound and light / color in movie art;
• Light architecture and light-language;
• Light theater;
• Optical Theater S. M. Zorina;
• Research of the ′′ Prometheus ′′ SCB research in the field of synesthesia and synthesis of arts: history, theory, practice.

The conference will be held on October 18-20, 2021 in full-time format in the Green and White Halls of the Russian Institute of Art History (St. Petersburg, Isaacievskaya Square 5) and on the zoom platform.

Applications for participation in the conference (including theses of reports up to 4000 words) are accepted until September 10, 2021 email addresses: or  

The collection of theses is planned to be published by the beginning of the conference. The inclusion of reports in the conference program will be announced no later than September 12

What to submit in your submission

Author Information
FULL NAME; city; contact: e-mail, phone number; place of work; position; academic degree; title; topic of report (messages, presentations, speeches);
Proposed Paper or submission
Title of the presentation in English or in Russian;
Long abstract of the points of the presentation in English or in Russian (2000–4000 words);
Short abstract annotation of the presentation in English or in Russian (each one up to 150 words).

Information about the author is drawn up according to the following example: Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov — musicologist (film expert, artist), Doctor of Art History, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of Culture at the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen, member of the Union of Composers of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Science and Education (St. Petersburg).


As a result of the conference, a collection of articles will be released. Articles for publication are accepted on a competitive basis. The volume of texts - up to 40000 signs, the volume of annotations in Russian and English - is up to 150 words. The rules of registration and timing of submission of materials for publication will be posted in the second information letter.

The composition of the organizing committee

Olga Viktorovna Kolganova is a researcher of the RIII instrumentation sector, candidate of art, member of the St. Petersburg Union of Scientists (St. Petersburg).
Anastasia Borisovna Maksimova is a candidate of historical sciences, Associate Professor of Kazan State Energy University, Head of Audio Visual and Technological Arts Support Fund named after B. M. Galeev (Kazan).
Jorg Evanski - PhD, musician, author and editor of synesthesia books and music and visual art, adjunct professor of Munster University (Munster, Germany).
Sergey Mikhailovich Zorin is a practicing light artist, founder of the Optical Theater, author and performer of musical light painting and optical performances (Moscow).
Mikhail Sergeevich Zalivadny is a candidate of art, researcher and teacher of St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov (St. Petersburg).
Maxim Ivanovich Karpets - composer, candidate of art, senior researcher of the RIII, member of the St. Petersburg Union of Scientists, correspondent member of the International Academy of Informatization (UN), member of the office of the educational and methodological center for the development of education in the field of culture and art of the government of St. Petersburg Petersburg.