Jim Andrews - Interactive Audio + Color music + Digital Poetry - 2022

Jim Andrews

Jim Andrews is a net artist, poet, programmer, visual and audio artist, mathematician and essayist.

Andrews has created a new interactive audio, colour music and digital poetry application, titled Enigma n2022 that can be accessed via the internet in your own browser to create a variety of sounds and visual music. First use is free, then the app can be purchased and downloaded from a range of app stores.

From the words of Jim in his press release, he describes Enigma n2022 as "a philosophical music & poetry toy for poets, musicians & philosophers from the age of 7 up. This is a new sort of poem. A new sort of music. A new sort of toy. A new sort of instrument. A new sort of art. This puts it all together."

Jim Andrews: Concept, code, design, visuals, audio
Natalie Funk: Design consultant, App developer
Jeremy Owen Turner: Art consultant

There are many modes of interacting with the controls, for example: "If you do nothing, it performs in 'gallery mode'—which it enters when there's no input for 2 minutes (or after you press 'g'). You just watch and listen, then. If, on the other hand, you interact via touch, mouse or keyboard, it enters 'interactive mode' and responds to you.

As Jim further explains: "Click the background until it's all funky—or click and hold for zipFunk, which fast-forwards you into the unknown, the interzone, through revolutions of the meanometer color pie at top left. Set the speed of meaning slider, the audio pitch range, anywhere from 10 octaves down to 2 octaves up. You glimpse different worlds of meaning in the different levels of pitch—though the 5-second audio source sound is vocal—of the word 'meaning' intoned thrice, played backwards once, forwards twice.

...This is the enigma of meaning—not a shortage of it."

Best with headphones.

Video demonstration and talk by Andrews on Enigma n2022

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