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Jordan Belson - Five Essential Films

Center for Visual Music announces a new DVD release:

Jordan Belson - Five Essential Films

The DVD includes three classic films:
Allures (1961)
Samadhi (1967)
Light (1973)
A never-before released film: Fountain of Dreams (1984), and
Belson's latest film, Epilogue (2005)

Jordan Belson is one of the greatest artists of visual music. Belson creates lush vibrant experiences of exquisite color and dynamic abstract phenomena evoking sacred celestial experiences. ( William Moritz)

Curated by Jordan Belson, Produced by Center for Visual Music
NTSC, Region-Free, SD, 4:3, TRT approx 45 minutes
$25 private home use, $150 institutions (does not include public performance rights)
June 2007 release

Purchase at:

Belson's bio, bibliography, filmography, plus information re the films on the disc: