Scott Snibbe - MotionPhone app for iPad

Scott Snibbe a media artist, filmmaker and researcher in interactivity and an artist whose work embraces visual music approaches, has just released a really interesting application for the iPad, whereby an individual or a networked group of individuals can create visual music type animations together, using a responsive animation with touch. The animations look very beautiful, are customisable and look like a lot of fun to experiment with or to perform with?

Link to MotionPhone App:

Information about MotionPhone on Scott's website:

The really interesting aspect of this project/application is that it is based on Scott's original development of Motion Phone 23 years ago in 1995, where he developed a networked version using Silicon Graphics workstations and this very version was seen by many contemporary interactive animation developers since such as Golan Levin, John Maeda and many others, so good that Scott has adapted this original idea into new technology.

Visual Music influences for Scott in the development of this application are Oskar Fischinger, Len Lye.

Scott Snibbe website: