Mathew Biederman - Event Horizon

Matthew Biederman's work Event Horizon, multichannel HD video, 4.1 audio, custom software, computers 2012, is an incredible sensation of colour. And what can I say but put it that way - a sensation of colour. Commissioned for: 1st Biennial of Digital Art, Montreal and Presented at: Salle McLaren, Cinematheque Quebecqoise May 3 - June 10, 2012. An interview about it is included in the recent Sonic Acts Catalogue, 2013, Dark Universe
More information on the work:

"The work metaphorically explores the phenomenon of the ‘event horizon’. Understood scientifically, the term refers to the space-time beyond which events cannot affect an observer. The most common situation where this occurs naturally are the edges of a black hole, where beyond the event horizon, no light escapes and can therefore not be observed. Taken metaphorically, the event horizon can be understood as the point of perception itself.

Event Horizon reflects on the current discourse around ‘embodied perception’ where the act of perception cannot be separated based on sense (See Noë, Alva. Out of Our Heads). We see, hear, and feel with all of our body, simultaneously as we navigate space. Following this line, the idea of the event horizon is the point at which we perceive phenomenon, and we can place ourselves at our own individual event horizons. The architecture itself has it own event horizon, the plane of scrims that not only delimit the space, but also serve as a projection plane that it both solid and porous allowing the projection to be caught and pass through, again reflection a point of contact, or horizon."

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Matthew Biederman - Event Horizon from Matthew Biederman on Vimeo.

Quote by Greg J, Smith, about the significance of the work
"Biederman’s description of the ‘total synthesis’ of sound, image and the perception of the viewer is not hyperbole as the installation really is tightly executed. Event Horizon is a meditation on the digital sublime that can be neatly filed alongside projects like Ryoji Ikeda‘s The Transfinite (2011) and Carsten Nicolai‘s Projections (2012)." - Greg J. Smith,

About Mathhew Biederman

He has been performing, installing and exhibiting works, which explore themes of perception, media saturation, and data systems from a multiplicity of perspectives since the mid nineties.

In his own words, his art
"follows simultaneous, intertwined threads, creating a varied practice when examined traditionally. That is, if looked at it in a compartmentalized fashion, my practice would be situated within tactical media, radio, painting, design, performance, and art and technology. I choose, however, not to be restricted to any one of these mediums, but to, instead, allow for exchange and crossover between them through diverse combinations of engagements of media, place, content, and aim. I believe in the idea of the artist as artisan, the artist as provocateur and the necessity to present (and provoke) a vision of sublime emotion, one possible version of beauty that leads to new understandings and conceptions of the world, its systems, and potentials. In this way, the artist is an inventor, not in a conventional sense, but as one who serves as a beacon illuminating possibilities."

His website itself in its overall presentation of his work is also a sensation in colour.

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