Force.Line.Border by Casey Farina

Force.Line.Border by Casey Farina is a beautiful audiovisual work that consists of an animated score where the movie serves as the score for three musicians who interpret a section of the screen. The design of the visual composition and the simplicity of the idea to work with three ideas/parameters of force, line and border is combined with the percussive sounds and motions so elegantly.

Work: Force.Line.Border
Author: Casey Farina
Percussion: Douglas Nottingham, Joe Perez, and Robert Esler

"Black = Sound
White = Silence
Force.Line.Border. is an animated graphic score for a trio of indeterminate instrumentation. This work is the latest in a series of animated graphic scores that builds on the concepts developed by John Cage, Morton Feldman, Cornelius Cardew, and Earle Brown for using abstract visual imagery to define musical events. The animated score is projected into the space and the musicians perform composed improvisations derived from their interpretation of the image. Each of the performers is responsible for one third of the frame as the piece gradually shifts between solo phrases and ensemble statements."

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Force.Line.Border from casey farina on Vimeo.

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