Kurt Laurenz Theinert - Philipp Rahlenbeck - Visual Piano with Uli Mitzlaff

Kurt Laurenz Theinert - Visual Piano with Uli Mitzlaff at lumina, Cascais


 "Published on 14 Oct 2015 This german artist proposes us some serious entertainment. An abstract language of lines, spots and dynamic plans which represent visually music activated by the artist through a MIDI keyboard. Committing the audience in the performance by creating various graphic patterns that expands the geometry of the surrounding architecture, just as the thundering winter approaches in a manipulated and controlled chaos by the artist.

Kurt Laurenz Theinert is an artist of light and other different media, who acts live preferably, having his artwork “Visual Piano” being previously presented in cities all around the world. Conceived in collaboration with Philipp Rahlenbeck, this artwork subsists in a device that allows the artist to fill spaces in real time with visual elements without resorting to pre-fabricated clips. Pure live visual music! Ulrich Mitzlaff is living in Portugal since 1996, where he works as a cellist and composer in the area of contemporary and experimental music, free jazz, improvisation and sound-art. He also collaborates with some of the most innovative Portuguese artists and participates in several multidisciplinary projects." Source: youtube description

Website: http://www.theinert-lichtkunst.de/