Journal on Synaesthesia and Art available to purchase now

The Journal: 'Synaesthesia: Cross-Sensory Aspects of Cognitive Activity Across Science and Artack' is available in print and is available to purchase now.

Synaesthesia: Cross -Sensory Aspects of Cognitive Activity Across Science and Art
Cover photo of Svetlana Rudenko, visuals by Maura McDonnell. IASAS, 2019

Available now

It is very exciting to see the cover photo for the just published journal - Synaesthesia: Cross-Sensory Aspects of Cognitive Activity Across Science and Art is of a photograph from the multimedia concert in which pianist Svetlana Rudenko and I (visuals) collaborated on in Moscow in 2019.

Anton Dorso has edited the journal bringing together and documenting all the presentations, papers, art exhibits, concerts, and all aspects of the conference. See CC Harts post below for links to the journal and for details and how to purchase.

The international conference was organised by the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists and Scientists and was held in Moscow in 2019 and huge thanks especially to CC Hart for all she did to coordinate a very large international and local gathering.

I attended this conference and it was an incredible gathering of artists and scientists and academics. The multimedia concert that Svetlana Rudenko and I presented (Svetlana Piano and Maura Visuals) was held at the Conservatory, Small Hall, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Moscow. Svetlana and I collaborated on two concerts and a paper presentation and we had a very moving visit to Alexander Scriabin 's museum.

Visit the following webpage for details on how to order: