“Cluster”, a light and sound generative installation

"Cluster is an immersive audiovisual site-specific installation that explores relationships between space, time and perception. Geometric schematization of architecture using light instruments transforms the space into a container for the abstract language of light and sound.”

Cluster - Playmodes


Playmodes have provided extensive documentation and videos about their Cluster project on their website at:


They use their own software created by Playmodes and integrate this with a hardware system to transform architectural spaces into audiovisual experiences.

"The audiovisual discourse generated in real time using software created by Playmodes, researches the possibilities of formal clusters of oscillators applied to the control of light, sound and atonality to the limits of synaesthetic perception.”

Please visit their website to investigate this exciting project utilising light and sound to create art experiences for architectural spaces.

About Playmodes

Playmodes is an audiovisual research studio based on Barcelona area who
work with self-made digital technologies, both software and hardware, to create immersive interactive installations, projection mapping projects, theatre scenography, still & motion graphics, audiovisual instruments, music and sound design.

Cluster @ MIRA Festival. Barcelona 2016
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"Through 100 tubes of 1.5m RGB LEDs we propose to outline the architecture of the columns room, highlighting its vertical lines.
At the sound level, we created a sonification engine which transforms the behaviors of light into sound.”

source: http://playmodes.com/web/cluster-mira/